Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Has God’s grace impacted your life?

Has God’s grace impacted your life? Have you reached out lately to make a difference in another’s life? Send us your stories; tell us how you’ve chosen to sing God’s praises in our world.
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Blogger lmalmond said...

Grace, a gift hard to accept and yet I find it is the gift we all seek. We seek it in every realtionship..pure acceptance of our flaws and humanities, and yet if offered we can hardly contemplate accepting because those same humanities scream internally of our unworthiness. Grace is finding a way to quiet those screams and listen to the quiet whisper of the One who offers grace completely and wholly and infinately. Praying for grace found for all who read this, may you find grace in Christ, the one who quiets the screams and offers you whispers.

11:39 AM  
Blogger lmalmond said...

I so got wrapped in the idea of Grace, I forgot to answer your direct question, "How has grace impacted my life"? God's grace has saved me from myself. I had plans and aspirations of how my life was going to go. I had a mission, and I was carrying out my mission. But God was graceful as he knew that like most, my true desire is happiness, He stepped in and changed all my plans. At first, this seemed like cruelty, undeserved roadblocks at every turn. I still missed the big picture and would pick myself up and forge ahead, blazing my trail of self reliance and "success". God brought me a baby girl. A baby has a way of stopping your world. In this time, my pregnancy impeded me from completing MY path, I was angry and resentful and still missing the big picture cried out to God. Do you hate me? Do you see me? Do you care? He was loud and yet gentle as He responded. He saw me, He knew me, He created me. He knew as my father what my innermost desires were and He knew that the fast track road to "proven success" was not going to bring me the results I was seeking. His grace came in the form of saving me from myself. He came and showed me (not in entirety) a new path. He asked me to trust HIM, to depend on Him, to wait on my obedience, I did and his grace is the peace and fulfillment I feel now as I rest in His plans. I am content, I am happy, I am at peace...not always in my circumstances but in a much deeper spirit. God's grace to each of you is available simply by acknowledging who He really is, accepting that and asking for His way over your own. I pray you experience Grace today.
In Love, LM

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