Thursday, November 09, 2006

Loves Coming Down

Sometime last year, I don't remember the exact date, I drove my friend Greg Parrot to the ferry dock here in West Seattle. It was late and he needed to get back home to Vashon Island. As we sat in the car, waiting for Greg's "ship to come in", we talked about Liz and I losing Stella, and how Christ met me on the bathroom floor of our hospital room. We discussed faith, and what it was to believe in God when all is crumbling around me. Greg sat silently taking in every word, listening with his heart. A few weeks later Greg sent me a scratch track of a song he wrote, inspired by that evening's conversation at the dock.
I hope you find this song as beautiful and relevant to your life, as I have in mine. Thank you Greg.
click here to listen:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feedback from MAGIC retail tradeshow

VOX SACRA just got back from presenting the brand at MAGIC, the largest retail tradeshow. Here are a few comments by people who came to the booth. Also, check out the gallery for pictures of our booth.

"It's something new, aspiring even, I see it going really far"

"It's like a oasis of bright shining light, as I walked by I felt so refreshed and peaceful. It is not a mirage it’s real like a beautiful oasis."

"Why should we as Christians have fear and suppress the knowledge of Christ, there is nothing to censor"

"If God is the creator, he allows his creation to share that gift. Creativity is how we reflect God"

-Deanna Westendorf

"In Detroit I hear about a murder every single day, I don't let it hold me down, I won't let it hold me down. As a Christian I can relate with what Vox Sacra is doing, opening conversation about Christ through clothes is powerful. Jesus has a bad name and he needs cool people that are believers to represent him"

"Man made laws make man lost"

-Kraig Love

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Has God’s grace impacted your life?

Has God’s grace impacted your life? Have you reached out lately to make a difference in another’s life? Send us your stories; tell us how you’ve chosen to sing God’s praises in our world.
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